Decorative Arts


Benalla Art Gallery’s digitisation of the Gallery Collection began with the photography of our small but precious decorative arts collection. The Collection was gifted to the Gallery in 1993 as part of the substantial Ledger Bequest left by Laurie and Erma Ledger. It includes a broad range of porcelain manufactured by Royal Worcester, Spode and other factories operating in the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as a group of small bronze figurines.

Starting with a small, discrete part of the Collection, the digitisation team were able to complete the first stage of the project in a relatively short time frame which provided a positive sense of achievement. The objects were photographed inside a small lightbox, a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment, and the resulting images are excellent.

1993-126 sml


Images from top:
1. Cup and saucer c.1800, Capodimonte Porcelain (manufacturer), Naples, Italy
2. Vase c. 1850, Coalport Porcelain, Coalbrookdale, England
3. Male figurine, unknown maker, bronze
Photography: Emiliano Fernandez



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